Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money in the Stock Trading Niche

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EPISODE SUMMARY: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in Stock Trading

 A decade ago – you could blast your links everywhere & get paid hefty commissions with the “hope & pray” method of affiliate marketing.  That is no longer true today.    Let's talk about how to build a legit affiliate marketing business in the “stock trading” niche.

Step 1:  Branding – Position Yourself as a Stock Trader Expert or Learner, and then, brand yourself so your community runs to you.  You would name your community something like:

The Stock Trading Community

Step 2:  Provide Value – Create a YouTube Channel / Facebook Group / Blog

  • Provide Stock Trading Tips
  • Make Calls & Post Your Success Stories
  • Post Your Wins
  • Post Your Losses
  • Do Software Reviews & Demos
  • Trading App Reviews & Demos
  • Review Stock Trading Courses

What are the four types of content you can produce right now when you find a course you can promote?

  1. Affiliate Review Walkthroughs
  2. My Journey & Their Journey Interviews
  3. My Results with the Course
  4. My Bonuses

Create a “Bonus” Package for anyone who joins…

That could be a 30 minute video on how you scan stocks…
That could be a 30 minute consultation / coaching call…
That could be a free report on how to setup your stock account…
That could also be ANYTHING the course provides inside..

That way – you leverage anything inside & you don't have to create anything new.

Step 3: Start Bonding with the Stock Trading Community

Those who matter don't mind. Those who mind – well they do matter, but they are not your fans.

We create money by creating value & since we can create unlimited value, we can create unlimited money.

The more value you give, the more people you help, the stronger the bond.

Step 4:  Create Weekly Habits 

Create daily & weekly schedules to build brand loyalty.

When to expect your morning trades?
When to expect your content?

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