The 4 Secrets Affiliates Use to Always Win… Let’s Discuss!

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In this episode, we talk about:

The FOUR affiliate secrets that set the earners apart from everyone else.

  • Affiliate Branding
  • Providing Value
  • Bonding
  • Affiliate Habits

Branding – Branding for “Affiliate Marketing” is important because it makes a MEMORABLE impression while setting the expectation from YOU & YOUR company.

Value – We move from “pitch pitch pitch” to providing “value value value”. MEANING: We solve problems! We drill down to what problems our market & our customers are looking to solve & we go to work to help solve them. We just happen to get paid affiliate commissions as a way to monetize this business model.

Bonding – The more value we provide & the more problems we help solve, the stronger our bond will be to our fans & followers.

Habit – When we build habits into our model, that strengthens the bond by consistently living from a true identity as we develop programming & schedule into our weekly routines. Your audience will look forward to your MONDAY emails or your TUESDAY TRAINING or your WEDNESDAY WISDOM or your THURSDAY PODCASTS or your FRIDAY YOUTUBE drops.

Which one is the MOST important to you and why? 

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