The 4 Lists Affiliates Should Be Building… Let’s Discuss…

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In this episode, we talk about:

The FOUR lists you should be building to propel you through the next decade….

  • Email Marketing List
  • Bot Automation List
  • The Pixel List
  • Push Notifications

Email Marketing List – Open rates & click-through rates are down, but you can email marketing is still very much alive & counts for over 25% of all affiliate sales.

Bot Automation List – Have you set up you bots yet?  The best way to automate your affiliate commissions is to allow your visitors to self-direct & self-diagnose… If you need help setting up your bots, unlock the advanced training inside Unstoppable Affiliate.

The Pixel List – The most important list of the 2020’s where you can market to your visitors and drill-down to target your BEST customers & your BEST prospects.

Push Notifications – Let your visitors know when content is ready for them… create a habit & set the expectation to strengthen the bond…

Which one is the MOST important to you and why? 

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  1. Hey Kit,

    Love the new design. Very cool! Do you go over the bot stuff in the training?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hey Robert,

      We break everything down & then, give you step-by-step implementation so you can get up and running quickly & more importantly, develop the 7-minute skills that you’ll be using every week. This framework will carry you through the 2020’s.

      See you inside… and if you need anything, drop a comment & we’ll get you taken care of.

      Kit Elliott
      Unstoppable Affiliate

  2. When does the price increase for the Unstoppable Affiliate course?

    1. We’re increasing the price next Friday! It will go back up to it’s regular price…

      Use the Promo Code: challenge to knock off $40 during this round.


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