The 4 Lists Affiliates Should Be Building… Let’s Discuss…

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In this episode, we talk about:

The FOUR lists you should be building to propel you through the next decade….

  • Email Marketing List
  • Bot Automation List
  • The Pixel List
  • Push Notifications

Email Marketing List – Open rates & click-through rates are down, but you can email marketing is still very much alive & counts for over 25% of all affiliate sales.

Bot Automation List – Have you set up you bots yet?  The best way to automate your affiliate commissions is to allow your visitors to self-direct & self-diagnose… If you need help setting up your bots, unlock the advanced training inside Unstoppable Affiliate.

The Pixel List – The most important list of the 2020's where you can market to your visitors and drill-down to target your BEST customers & your BEST prospects.

Push Notifications – Let your visitors know when content is ready for them… create a habit & set the expectation to strengthen the bond…

Which one is the MOST important to you and why? 

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Amelia January 13, 2019

I need help with my life coaching business. How do I create offers and pricing and accept payments?

Claude January 12, 2019

I got your email about the free installation. How do I go about signing up?

Michael January 11, 2019

I remember you from a few years ago. I made my first affilaite commissions from one of your videos.


Russ January 6, 2019

I need more info please.

Michael December 13, 2018

I have a my own service now. I’m looking for a email marketing PLUS take orders type of service. Do you recommend anything like that?

>Must have – email marketing
>Must have – order processing
>Must have – order forms

Demi Thompson December 13, 2018

Hey Kit,

I’m a life coach now and actually implemented your 7-minute setup & quite frankly, a lot of your strategies fit in perfectly with my life coaching business. So thank you for that.

One hurdle I’m always running into is fulfillment (fulfilling my coaching service).

I’m wondering what other coaches use to do the video conference calls so their clients get on the calls with them.


Bruce December 11, 2018

What microphone do you use?

Joseph September 22, 2018

When does the price increase for the Unstoppable Affiliate course?

Robert September 19, 2018

Hey Kit,

Love the new design. Very cool! Do you go over the bot stuff in the training?

Best Regards,

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