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In This Episode, we talk about:

  1. Throw Your Hat Over the Wall
  2. Focus Time
  3. The Compound Effect

There's a concept called “throw your hat over the wall” that I hear used a lot. It's basically throwing your hat over the wall – so you have to go get it. It's simply making the commitment. THIS is what we're committing to do – now we're going to go do it.

It's a way of keeping from turning back when there's confusion or self-doubt.

Instead of “Can we…” it becomes … “We WILL… now how are we going to do it?” And within that commitment becomes the hunt for the HOW. You don't have to know the how or believe the “how” will work – before you commit to a result.

You commit to the result first – and then you figure out the how. Like I have ideas for the “how”… we all have ideas. If we do them at 100% level, we'll ultimately kill off “hows” that don't work… but ultimately find ones that do work.

Which works better than going slow and having to know the “how” at the beginning, because then you only commit to results that you know how to do. So you only ever get results based on what you got in the past. So you keep getting the same results as before – since the same things keep getting done.

Want to increase productivity?

Last week I mentioned a concept I was doing automatically in my business to get a massive amount of work done in a short period of time.

I seriously called it “Focus Time”.

When I googled that phrase, I realized THIS IS NOT a new concept. It is a concept that the productivity & high performance coaches discuss and teach on a daily basis.

It works like this…

Let's say you know you have 4 things to do today & while you are working, you get a ding on Facebook.

Let me check out this new emergency going on in the world.

Then, you get fired up. ?? You post a few Facebook posts. And, after 30 minutes – you're back at the 4 things to do.

Then, you get another ding. This time it was a text message.

While you check the text, you notice a few snaps & a few notifications on Instagram.

Let me see who's snapping me. Let me see who liked my last Instagram post.

Another 30 minutes later, you're back at the 4 things to do.

While you finish 1 out of the 4 things, the office phone rings and you know it's going to be a rather long discussion about office gossip or your sister's new boyfriend's neighbor, but you pick it up anyway.

And just as you already knew, an hour later, you're back at now 3 things to do.

You see this pattern…??
This pattern goes on … and on each week.

  •  You feel disconnected.
  • You're exhausted all the time.
  • Your body doesn't reset like it used to.
  • You feel stuck more and more.
  • You're confused more and more.

This pattern will continue until you do something about it.

That's why I recommend FOCUS TIME.?

FOCUS TIME is exactly what it sounds like:


Turn off the distractions while you are working on your 4 things…

Turn off the phone…
Turn off the notifications…
Turn off the Skype…
Turn off Slack
Turn off the email…

It's now time to FOCUS!

What will happen?

Your arm will automatically twitch & reach for the auto-programmed muscle memory habits you've been doing for how long now?


You might feel the benefits immediately….

Focus Time will improve your productivity… and there are other ways you can use Focus Time to your advantage…


Now… after a few weeks,

You're connected again.
You're rejuvenated again.
You're resetting faster.
You're learning faster.
You're processing clearer.

If you're finding that you're bringing work or distractions to any of the above, try turning them off. Do this for a good week & leave a comment on your results.

What were some of the challenges that you had?
Did you catch yourself automatically reaching for the phone?
How many times did you have to reset your focus?

And now – the final and most crucial piece to 10x'ing your results…


I like to think of the compound effect from two sides:

  • The Dusty Side
  • The Clean Side

Let's talk about the clean side first…

The Compound Effects works like this…

Let's say you have two goals this year:

  1. You want to increase your customers by 1,000 percent.
  2. You also want to increase your flexibility by 1,000 percent.

Increase Health.
Increase Wealth.

In a year's time –

In order to achieve either one of these goals – you know you have to take a series of actions.

As you create value… as you start helping people – the first couple of weeks might seem “dead” to you…
As you march forward… as you start helping more people.. as you create more content.. the next couple of weeks might seem “dead” to you…

BUT you notice an interesting stat… your traffic went from 0 to 300 visitors during this month.

Now – you can stop there.

You can hope that the content that you have already created picks up steam and more and more people see it…

If you do stop – what do you think will happen?


The more value you give… is in direct proportion to the amount of traffic you get.
The more value you give… the more traffic… the more buyers you get.

Now – fast forward to a year – you have 52 week's of content, podcast episodes, YouTube episodes...

AND your 300 visitors compounded every single week… and now, you have 30,000 visitors.

That's the compound effect. Compounding actions carry interest.

Now – at the same time – you're working on your second goal – FLEXIBILITY!

The same scenario will occur – the first week – you wake up … let's say you have a stretching DVD or found a stretching youtube video online… and you take the 10-minute flexibility class.

That first time you do it – you might feel stiff. You might feel sore.

(maybe the first couple of weeks – you don't notice any results)

Same thing – you can stop.

BUT what will happen if you stop? YOU will go back to being stiff again.

Fast forward to 52 weeks later – you'll thank yourself for sticking to it because somewhere thanks to the compound effect – something clicked / something gave in & you now feel flexible… more energy.. more alive than ever before.

Now – there is a flip side that most of us fall into…

I call it the dusty side because… let's say that you stop dusting / stop cleaning your house for one entire year… YOU TAKE A BREAK FROM CLEANING!

The first week – you may not notice any dust… any dirt.
The second week – maybe you still don't notice.
The third week – you start to see a bit of grime in the bathrooms… in the kitchen.
The fourth week – you know it needs cleaning…

BUT each week – the dust compounds and by the end of the year – your house is crazy filth. You can see the 1/4″ dust on every surface… you can no longer cook in the kitchen… the bathrooms are borderline unusable and friends are starting to get worried.

When you don't take care of things from week to week – the dusty side starts stacking up… becomes noticeable… might become a problem…

The same is true for any dripping negativity in your life…

If you came to the coffee shop and ordered a shot of negativity – that coffee shop would go out of business. Because we order this shot unconsciously … sometimes consciously because of the chemicals in our brain starts firing…

When you turn on the news – you order a shot of negativity.
When you turn on a distraction – you order a shot of negativity.
When you turn on your Facebook feed – you order a shot of negativity.
When you start arguing politics and arguing with trolls – you order a shot of negativity.

And this compound effect of negativity added up… starts creating problems for yourself.

  • You become angry all the time.
  • You get less and less work done.
  • You become stressed out.

These are the drips that compound and keep you from being present…
These are the drips that compound and keep you from being clear… from being focused… from learning.. from implementing…

That's why I want to challenge you…

What drips do you want to turn off? Turn them off…

If it's your Facebook newsfeed, put the mechanism in the other room.
If it's on your desktop, download a chrome extension that will block it.
If it's the news, don't watch it – don't DVR it.

So I want you to really vision what you want your life to look like in ONE year – 52 weeks – 365 days later.

What are the compounding actions you need to take daily … that when you put them all together – you'll see a massive shift in your business and your life.

What are the compounding drips you need to turn off…

Let's that this challenge & report your results below.    What is your experience?

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