? EP5: How to Setup & Grow Your Life Coaching Business

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EPISODE SUMMARY: How to Make Money as a Life Coach.  The Complete Blueprint… Let's Get Started.

I'm getting an uptick in life coaches using the Unstoppable Affiliate blueprint to setup their businesses because the business model is very similar.  Let me show you the grand vision for your life coaching business.  If you need help, drop a comment & let's talk about it.

Step 1:  Work Backwards & Pick a Specialty 

Narrow Down Your Life Coaching Business
What Problem Are You Solving?

Life Coaching Examples:

Relationship, Health, Dating, Stop Drinking, Lose Weight, Self Esteem, Stop Smoking, Marital Issues

Step 2:  Create an Offer – How Can People Pay You Money for Your Service

I recommend creating two offers (and then, as your business grows, we can add events & higher-priced offers).  But this should get you started.

Offer #1:  One on One 90 Day Solution 

Offer #2:  6-Week Group Coaching
$1,000 to $10,000

The Best Tool to Use for This:

Webinar Jam / Ever Webinar for the Presentation & Buy Now Button
Zoom & Membership Website for Your Fulfillment

Step 3:  Build a List & Following within Your Life Coaching Industry

You’re in the Content Distribution Business.  Press Record & Repurpose the Content into Podcast, Video, Transcript, Report, Blog Post, Picture, Quote, Snap, Stitch, Tweet, Email, Push, and Advertise It!

Step 4:  Launch & ReLaunch & Launch Again

Then, open & close your two offers.  

Open for ten days until you fill it up.
Close it so you can take care of your customers.

When you re-open it, put a spotlight on all the testimonials & success stories.  (and then, distribute that content).

Are you looking to setup your life coaching business?  Click the button below to get the Unstoppable Affiliate step-by-step training.    

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Hey Kit,

Great Post! Love the training very solid. My question is can I use the Unstoppable Affiliate blueprint to build my life coaching business? How does that work with my life coaching?


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